Why is it a good idea to switch to LED lighting? Let me shed some light on the subject.

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) have been turning up all over the place, which leads one to wonder why. What’s so great about these little lights? LED is definitely the future of lighting.  Here are some reasons why:

Short and Long term energy savings.

  • Short term savings will be seen on your first energy bill after you have made the switch to LED lights. Your lighting portion of your bill should decrease by at least 50% immediately.
  • Long term savings will be when you get those savings month after month for the extended lifespan of your new LED lights.

Maintenance free lights.

  • LED lights are made to work well and never need maintenance. Once they are installed, they are mostly hassle-free, requiring little to no routine maintenance. The majority of LED lights are backed by great warranties in case of any problems as well.

Directed efficient lighting.

  • Not only are LED lights more efficient than other lighting options, you can point them in specific directions to increase efficiency even more. You can also dim most LED lights, with a compatible dimmer, increasing your savings even more when full light is not necessary.

Works in hot and cold.

  • Durable and tough, LED lights work in colder and warmer temperatures better than the competition.

They promise a brighter future.

  • Save energy, save money & save the planet.  The benefits clearly make up for the initial investment.

Schedule a LED Conversion Assessment with Erickson Outdoor Lighting, we will assess your current lighting system and work with you to develop a plan for converting it to LED.  We have retrofit kits to upgrade your current system to a modern LED system.


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