Create remarkable effects for your pond, stream, or waterfall.

Is there anything more relaxing than the sound of trickling water on a summer evening?  Home owners install water features to add a feeling of tranquility to their property, drown out distracting sounds of traffic or busy neighborhoods, and add a touch of visual appeal that moving water provides.

Adding lights to water features creates a perfect serene setting. Illuminating ponds or water falls with downlighting or submersible lights brings life to your landscaping after the sun goes down.  When you add lighting to your outdoor space it changes the way you live and adds energy to your space.

When we complete the design and install your water feature lighting, looking out your windows at night will never be the same and you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

With careful consideration and planning, it is possible to create a beautiful lighting effect.  But the key is to understand what you are lighting, and what the best choice will be for illuminating the various aspects of your home and landscape.

To learn more about how to light your outdoor living space, call us at 952-474-4536

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