Turn your home into a Staycation Paradise.

4850WLakeHarriet_010Families are spending more time at home for vacation these days instead of costly travel to far away locations. According to the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals (ALOP), with some added updates to your outside lighting, you can enjoy a stress free mini vacation at your own home.  It is easier, less expensive, and will transform your existing deck, backyard, or pool area into a retreat that you will get to enjoy year round and perhaps make the neighbors jealous. A well-lit home appears warm and inviting and gives a cared-for impression to the entire neighborhood.

A new lighting system will not only enhance your existing outdoor furniture and amenities, you will be enjoying the peaceful feeling of these lights year round.  Erickson Outdoor lighting can show you how to turn your home into a sanctuary  you will not need to take a vacation from.

DSC_0232-Edit (1)

It is not necessary to light everything in your yard,  Scott and his lighting team will design the perfect setting to illuminate specific areas to really bring out the best in your outdoor landscape.  Decks or patios typically contain seating so adding cozy and comfortable lighting to these areas will extend your living areas, especially after dark.


Lighting will add life to outdoor furniture and decor making it a more inviting and pleasant place to relax.  When you showcase and highlight certain areas of your landscape, this allows you to enjoy your planting areas and flower gardens both day and night.  Erickson Outdoor Lighting will design a lighting system to whatever setting of ambiance you are wanting to create.  Installing uplights to pull the eyes to areas you want to highlight and adding low-voltage exterior lights to shrubs or trees will add beautiful accents and splashes of light to your landscape creating a mood of tranquility for you to sit back, breathe easy and simply enjoy.







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