Summer Nights, Poolside Lights

There’s nothing better than sitting poolside on a soothing summer night. So why not prolong the amount of time that you can enjoy your pool? 

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With an effective lighting system you could get much more R & R time out of your pool, while also turning it into a truly stunning feature of your landscape. Underwater lighting of a decorative waterfall, or moonlighting of a pool deck can create a surreal nighttime environment. By utilizing lighting strategies like these to present your pool it can become a focal point of gathering, conversation, and activity.

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Illuminating your pool and the adjacent spaces is more than just an aesthetic improvement; it’s a safety upgrade. Nearly half (48%) of all pool-related injuries occur at residential pools (according to the CPSC Submersion Report), so it’s pretty clear that more steps need to be taken in order to improve the safety of these types of pools. One easy way to start is by installing a proper lighting system that increases visibility of high-risk areas such as slippery walkways, below-water steps, and ladders/handrails used to get out of the pool. This can be achieved with in-ground deck lights, stair tread lights, or a plethora of other methods. Erickson Outdoor Lighting has access to countless lighting fixtures and a creative team of designers that will find the perfect lighting design for you.

Call us at 952-474-4536 to schedule a design consultation, or a service appointment of your existing outdoor lighting.


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